The Parish Council

The Parish Council

The Parish Council is our local government, empowered to make decisions for the benefit of the parish.

Issues such as local bye-laws, commenting on planning applications, managing the Common and playground are all part of its remit.

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Silchester Common

Silchester Common is a Site of Special Scientific Interest as well as being a valuable recreational space for the village. It is one of the few surviving tracts of heathland in the region and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna.

The Commons Management Working party is a group of volunteers who meet monthly to maintain the traditional habitat of the common. They are advised by Natural England as part of a Countryside stewardship scheme.

For more information about the column, please visit Silchester Common Website.

Silchester Common Website


The Village Playground

The Village Playground is managed and maintained by the Silchester Playground Association, a registered charity which is run by a group of volunteers on behalf of the Council. The Playground Association raises funds to provide new equipment and keep the playground in good condition. It also coordinates a group of around 40 volunteers who check the playground daily for litter or damage to ensure that it remains safe and in good condition.

If you would like to help or find out more contact:

Vanessa Richards - 0118 970 1711 (Chair and Playground rota) Steve Spillane on 0118 9700 996 (Trustee)