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Silchester Boundary Walks

Boundary Walk 2018

Waking up to torrential rain on the morning of the Boundary Walk was not the best start to the day. But, after a few hurried email and telephone exchanges, showing true Silchester community spirit, it was decided to go ahead with the walk.

We had a small turnout of 7 people and 1 dog. Rob Young blessed us all and we headed off just after 11.30am. Across the Common and through the Roman site, even across a railway line, making sure no train was coming of course!

A massive thanks goes out to Howard Wilkinson for leading the walk and regaling us with some really interesting snippets of local history along the way. Thanks to Brian and Debbie at Haskers Farm for allowing wet dog, wet boots and damp walkers into their kitchen to eat lunch and enjoy a glass of wine. Despite the weather, everyone was in great spirits and a lovely time was had by all.

We do really have some beautiful footpaths around Silchester.

Thanks to Steve Spillane for doing a great job of being our wine carrying back up vehicle.

Same time next year! Thank you Clare for taking on this event and showing such fortitude in completing it!

 Boundary Walk

Boundary Walk 2017

We had a great turnout this year for the annual Boundary Walk with 32 people and 8 dogs starting from the Village Hall carpark for just under an 8 mile walk around the parish boundary. This walk takes us along some well-trodden paths across the Common and through the Roman site but also on some less well known paths through wooded areas and fields and across the railway line.

Rob Young said a short prayer at the start and we left soon after 11.30am. Howard Wilkinson once again led the walk and regaled us with snippets of local history on the way. 

Once again we were blessed with lovely weather and the autumn colours through the forests were beautiful. It is not often that you can have lunch outside in comfort in October but we all enjoyed our lunch stop-over at Brian & Debbie’s at Haskers Farm for a welcome rest and the traditional glass of wine. 

As always, the walk gives you a chance to catch up with old friends and make some new ones along the way. Thanks to everyone for joining us and to Steve Spillane for driving the back up vehicle. 




Boundary Walk 2016

25 villagers and 12 dogs gathered at the Silchester village hall carpark for this year’s Boundary Walk – a gentle stroll around the boundaries of our lovely village. Once again – we were blessed with a lovely sunny day and, after Pete Hughes had rounded us all up for the obligatory group photo, Colin Hunt from St Mary the Virgin offered a short prayer and thanksgiving before we set off along the path towards the common.

Howard Wilkinson led the walk again and was there to answer any questions and share some snippets of information about the village and its history along the way.

I love this walk. It is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and make some new ones along the way. We were very happy to see some new faces and also to welcome back those who turn up every year.

We stopped for lunch at Hasker’s Farm and would like to thank Brian and Debbie Watson for their hospitality. We enjoyed an hour sitting in the sunshine and quaffing a glass of wine before setting off on the last stretch over the railway, up to the church and back through the Roman site to the village hall.